Well it's lunch time around my neck of the woods. And I had a 4 cheese Hot Pocket and now I'm sipping on some Plantation Mint tea. Can I just say I love this tea........when I first saw it I was insulted, here I am an African American and they had the nerve to keep this tea stocked. Well I got over it real quick, cause this tea is tasty. And I've been using brown sugar to sweeten my teas here at work.

So while warming up my hot pocket I looked over at the vending machine and the twizzlers were calling me. And I really wanted some as well, but I refuse, naw you dont get it I REFUSE to pay 85 cents for some twizzlers I could get from the CVS for 50 cents. Ok, so I'm being cheap.....

Moving on.......I'm still hungry. But I don't want to seem greedy by going to make that second hot pocket.......no one's really watching, but I'd feel greedy if I went back to eat it.

Hope you had a good lunch

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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kayellejaye said...

I had plantation mint today too. I love it! The name? Not so much. LOL.