Perplexed no more

I had to call for assistance. Naw, I didn’t ask my supervisor for the help I got it from a friend. Actually, I did ask my supervisor one question. And I asked a co-worker to show me how to run a report. But the dozy of the task was figured and explained to me by said friend.

And now I’m sipping on hot Plantation Mint tea as if I don’t have schedules to prepare. In fact said schedules are due by C. O. B. today and it’s after 4 now……I’m such a slacker. But I must admit I work fairly well under pressure.

I just wanted to comeback and note the update……..now let me get to cracking.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Sha Boogie said...

I hate asking my boss for 'help' I'll g.oogle it first.lol