At some point last week while perusing my usual blogs I came across a recipe. In fact this is the blog: Get’em Girls and this the recipe.

I knew right then and there I just had to try it. One I love salmon and I’d been on the look out for something to do with it at home. And two I simply love sauces, I mean they just add the perfect element to entrees. But of course I usually go overboard and require sauce with every bite.

So Saturday I went home to drop off my bags from Friday night and decided to devise a shopping list to pick up the items needed for this recipe. Yep, I actually had a shopping list.
First I was meeting a friend to loan her my Costco card. Yep, I believe in the sharing plan. As long as there’s no credit attached to my membership card, I’ll lend it to my responsible friends. At any rate I met up with said friend but decided I’d grab a few items as well since I was already there. Boy was I in for a shock, I thought the parking lot was BEAST, the lines were INCREDIBLE HULK busting at the seams. I handed my card over to my friend, threw the deuces up and walked out.

Next stop was the grocery store to pick up the items needed for this new sauce.Yum. Since I was in VA, I decided to hit up the Shoppers in Pentagon Row. And boy was that costly. It always amazes me how items at the same chain store cost different. This trip cost me $30.86……….and I still needed two more items. So head back around my way and grab those last items and get in the house to brew up my sauce. And might I say YUM again.

Yeah, I typed all of this up to say the sauce was that dang on good.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


kayellejaye said...

I saw this recipe a couple of weeks ago. It's definitely on my To Do list.

Eb the Celeb said...

girl thank you sooooooo much for supporting my girls... they have worked sooooo hard to make their dreams come true! They are truly RBW's

The second book is coming soon so look out for it!