So if I haven’t mentioned it before I work in accounting/finance for non profit organization in DC. I’ve only been at the company for about 5 months now. When offered the position I was told that it would eventually evolve beyond what is listed as the job duties. Yeah tricky I know. At any rate, one of my duties is bank reconciliations for a small subsidiary of the larger company. And while I’ve done small bank recs in the past, say three jobs ago, I haven’t done any recently. But I sold myself in the interview saying accounting functions are like riding a bike, once you do it you can easily fall back in to doing it.

Now here I am, 5 months and so far the bank recs have been relatively easy. But August is a dozy and now I’m perplexed. I was here until 6:30 last night trying to figure it out and I figured I’d go home last night and pull out my old textbook and get a brief refresher. Well guess what I did when I got home………watch TV. Yikes…….so back at work now and I am still stuck.

Eventually I’ll either figure it out or go have my supervisor come in and help me with the tricky part I’m seeing. I know it’s simple but it’s one of those things that when you don’t see it on a consistent basis, you forget how you handled it previously.

Ok, so I’m off to settle this perplexed matter. Wish me luck in getting it on my own!

Have a great day.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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