It’s been a minute…..

Yeah I know it’s been a minute since I posted something substantial. Things got hectic for a hot sec last week. Friday I left work early and had a wedding to attend that evening in B-more. It was really nice. The bride (& groom) didn’t fall for the hoopla and go overboard. It was a really nice intimate wedding and reception. I think the room could hold about 100 people and about 70-75 were in attendance. The bride was pretty in a nice simple dress with a white lace overlay that was the train. Her hair and makeup were nicely done. The groom was sharp in his tux as was his groomsman, yeah hubby was one of them. I guess I should also mention the bridesmaids as they were nicely groomed and attired as well. At any rate, I bailed out about 11:30 to head back to the hotel near the airport, we didn’t want to make that drive all the way back home.

Hubby calls about an hour after I’d been in the room to say someone broke into his car…….busted the back passenger window and that created a long crack in the front window shield. So of course the rest of our weekend was a blower.

Saturday morning I got up watched some tv and call my niece to sing happy birthday to her. Of course she asked me to come pick her up. But I didn’t feel up to going thru the motions with her mother so I let that be for the day.

I finally left the hotel about 12 and headed to Arundel Mills with intentions on catching a matinee. But I couldn’t decide what to see, so I walked around for a few. I wound up in Bass with a pair of shoes in my hand trying desperately to get out of the store without purchasing them, and I made it. Only to get down to Kasper and buy a suit and some slacks……….after that I was done, it was time to head home. But since gas was cheap 3.09 I decided to fill up and then I even splurged and went thru the car wash.

Sunday, I called niecy again and even went to pick her up. My brother and I arranged for him to get her from me so that he could spend sometime with her for her birthday. Other than that I just watched tv.

Monday was much of the same, watched tv. Although I did leave the house to run to the RedBox since I had a free movie code and got Baby Mama with Tina Fey. Hubby went and got 88 minutes with Al Pacino later on.

Not much was on TV last night, I flipped between Raising the Bar on TNT and My Own Worst Enemy on NBC.

And now I’m here at work. Hope you had a great long weekend and having a great day so far.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i did and im glad to see u aint fail off the face of the planet and wanna see pics of the party folk

kayellejaye said...

I was at Arundel Mills on Saturday too. What a coinkydink. :)

Zackary said...

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