Witness Protection

Today, I watched a good movie entitled "Family in Hiding". It was about this woman that witnessed the murder of a district attorney. She goes forth and identifies the man that committed the murder. The accused has committed a host of crimes for which the police has been after him for a long time. There were several other witness who've all recanted their testimony once in court. So the authorities were more than happy when this new witness came forward and agreed to testify for which they'd offer her a spot in the witness protection program. She has two high school kids, a boy that's a basketball player and a girl that has a boyfriend she can't seem to live without. And there in lies the problem.

Their first relocation was to Seattle, but that was botched when the girl called the boyfriend. She told him she couldn't' reveal her exact location, but get this.........wait for it........she gave him the phone number to the payphone she was calling from and told him he could call her there the next day at 4pm. Of course the bad guys ransacked their previous home and found out about the boyfriend and tap his phone, and thanks to girl they knew where to find her.

Massachusetts was their second location of which the boy was responsible for them being found by the bad guys. He was told he couldn't play basketball anymore because it would put them in the spot light. But what does he do, he joins the basketball team and has his picture plastered on the front page of the local newspaper.

In both instances I didn't help the family that there was a corrupt FBI agent working for the bad guy. So the bad guy was able to locate the family while in Seattle in time to be there when the boyfriend was due to call the next day. And then the day after the boy was in the newspaper, the bad guys were at the school. In the end the FBI tapped their own phones and traced calls that had been made to see what calls who was responsible for the leaks.

USA network has a show that centers around witness protection. The show is entitled "In Plain Sight". I've seen a few of the episodes and found the show interesting. The show details the process establishing new identities for the person and family. It also shows the beginning phases of those being relocated to a new city.

Would you go forth and admit to witnessing a crime? Would you agree to get in a witness protection program?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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