Weekend recap

The weekend is almost over and for the most part I was in the house yet again. I was supposed to go to happy hour with a buddy Friday. But said friend had a hedache when they got off work. They said they'd take some aspirin and lay down for a few, well 11:20 I text saying "I just woke up". By that time the homebody in me was not willing to move. So I was in the house for the night. Mister and I watched a movie and that was it.

Saturday I was awaken by another friend that had just heard about my co-worker that had passed. I told her I'd call her when I got up, but couldn't get back to sleep. I lounged in bed for an hour or so longer. Then it was time to get ready to attend the funeral. It wasn't overly sad, which was really nice and the minister was good. I got to see some former co-workers and that was good as well, sorta like a mini reunion.

At any rate, I headed on home about 1:15 expecting to hear from my father or a family member. But the phone didn't ring, so I sat in the house. Mister came home and said he'd be going out later and asked what was I gonna do that evening. I told him if he was going out, then so would I. So I texted the friend that was supposed to go out friday night and we made plans to meet. We decided to hit the Jasper's in Crofton. It was a cool spot, not too overly croweded but a nice crowd and chill atmosphere.

So today, I hate to admit.......I didn't feel like doing jack! Mister called and asked what I was up to and called me a slaker amongst other things for not doing anything productive. He agreed to run two of my errands for me, so that was cool. I gathered the strength to get dressed to run the other few errands I wanted to run. Well guess what......I ironed my clothes but that was it. Mister has been home and has gone back out the watch the game and still here I sit.

I have homework that's due, and it would be nice for me to get my clothes ready for the week. But I'll let you know tomorrow how I make out.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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