He aint know.....

Every few semesters or so I get an e-mail from my current advisor letting me know they are leaving and that my new advisor will be in contact. Well I'm roughly 4-5 classes shy of completing my undergraduate studies. And as such I want my hand held in selecting the remaining courses in fulfilling the requirements. The reason is two fold:

1. Although my curriculum will not change, the courses offered do. Let me break it down, I started in 2002, so that year's curriculum is what I will follow until I finish. With each new year new curriculum are set for the incoming students, and as such I've found that courses are drop and new ones are added. I don't want to waste me time tracking down what classes aren't being offered now and what the equivalent class is.

2. I pay too much money and basically that's what the advisers are for. EARN YOUR KEEP.

So when I got the e-mail last week from my new advisor, I kindly sent an e-mail requesting he review my transcript and help me select my last few courses. Well today I got a response back telling me to go to my student portal and the information provided there would aid in my selecting the remaining courses.

Me being me, I was abit taken aback. So I politely, naw nix that, I rattled off an e-mail stating that I was looking for a more personably assistance and that I had visited the student portal and didn't find the information useful, (it's a lie but what the hay, right) and that I'd contact another advisor for the assistance he was unwilling to provide.

Guess what...............an hour later the phone rings.........

Me: Hello

Advisor: Can I speak with Ms. Crythenlive

Me: Can I tell her who's calling? (I didn't recoginze the number)

Advisor: This is advisor from UMUC

Me: This is she

Advisor: Ms. Crythenlive, I was calling to apologize if my response to your e-mail seemed as if I was brushing you off. But I wasn't sure if you knew about the student portal and I've always advised students to visit and utilize the information there in selecting courses.

Me: Ok?

Advisor: So you are looking for guidance in selecting your remaining courses for completion?

Me: Yeah? (that's what the e-mail said)

Advisor: Ok, so what I'll do is take a look at your records and then I'll send you an e-mail with the remaining requirements and what courses you can take to fulfill those requirements.

Me: ok, thanks.

Advisor: Do you accept my apology?

Me: Sure, and thanks for your help.

While I didn't expect a response, I was glad he felt obligated to call and make amends. You see I don't believe we should settle for subpar services. No one benefits from it all. Say for instance, my mother and stepfather ordered take out from Outback a few weeks back. Well by the time my stepfather got home with the bags, they noticed they didn't get all of their order and the wings he ordered were over cooked. But he decided not to call and complain. I myself don't see it as complaining, but merely bringing inadequacies (big word, whoa my head hurts now) to the attention of someone that aims to provide great customer service. (now that sounded like a dang on customer service commerical) How would I have handled it? I'd would have politely called back to the establishment and kidnly spoken with the manager on duty and let them know. Now, my parents won't go back to Outback because of that poor transaction and Outback loses out on the potential sales from my parents.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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