17:02 this fourth day of August 2008, my grandmother took her last breath.

I got a call from my oldest brother yesterday saying my father planned to take my grandmother off life support today. He said he'd more than likely be there as well. I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted to do. But I felt the need to be there for my father. So I declared to Mister that I was not going in.

I called my supervisor and after about 8 calls, I finally got ahold of him to let him know I wouldn't be in and why. So that's how my day started. My brother said 12 noon was the time it would all go down. I arrived at the hospice at 11:25. I sat outside to get myself together so I wouldn't get overly emotional. I finally sucked it up and go inside. I get to the front desk, as I wasn't sure the room number. Well low and behold, ya girl was in the wrong dang on place. So I calls up my stepmother and get directions to hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital I walked past the room and had to come back....can we say reading is fundamental......at any rate I get in the room and three of my other cousins were there along with my grandmother's sister. My father arrived about 30 minutes later with my half brother in tow. Next came four more cousins, yeah we were deep for a few. Stepmother showed up shortly after. And then it was time, the respirator specialist and nurse came in to remove the apparatus from my grandmother and administer her the oxygen she needed. And then she was breathing again on her own. It was ruff at first sight, so I wont go into details. We sat around and watched and chatted then watched some more. Then four cousins left followed shortly by my grandmother's sister and another cousin, leaving six of us there.

Three hours later the nurses came in to change her bandages and bed sheets. We took that as a good time to go grab some snacks from the gift shop. When we got back to the room, my father left to go grab some items from storage. One cousin went to hold my grandmother's hand, and moments later observed that her breathing had ceased. I called in the nurse who informed us, she was still breathing. At this point the three of us surrounded her hoping she felt our presence.

17:02 this fourth day of August 2008, my grandmother took her last breath.

I thank GOD she was not alone and her transition wasn't drawn out.
I praise GOD because I am certain she's with him in his kingdom.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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kayellejaye said...

My condolences to you and your family. That's very similar to how my brother passed away.