Fresh Tears

I received a few inquiries yesterday concerning my grandmother. So I thought today will be cool, no one to remind me of my loss. I'm at work because I need the distraction. Well another co-worker came in this morning and inquired. She said her intentions were to inquire yesterday, but of course we are at work so it's understood. Nevertheless, I informed her my grandmother passed Monday. I go on to say that my grandmother had been in the hospital for about 18 months so the family finds a little comfort in knowing she's at peace now. Well she informed me her aunt had passed and Monday was the day of the service. We chit chat for a few more, all the while I hold my composure. But when she left........a fresh round of tears begin.

So I sit here and write/type this thru blurred vision, and hoping I can make it thru the day without a full blown out crying session.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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