I'm sat and watched "I Want to Work for Diddy" tonight. And I notice that as they are about to announce the contestant to be kicked off, they call for security. Is that really necessary? Diddy is being "extra" with this particular detail.

The downtown team anonymously chose Boris to be on the chopping block. He inturns selects Deon. Both of them pretty much took a back seat while the others were on the forefront during the phot shoot. But they decide that Deon is not ready to work for Diddy. It appeared to come down to him having prior advertising experiencing that was not used in the challenge. It was silly of him to have put that little tidbit of information out there during the voting. So it came as a surprised to everyone, particular since the challenge was for an advertisment print ad, of which he had direct experience. I think Boris should have been eliminated. He left his phone at the house as he went about the first portion of the challenge. I mean even I know the importance of an assistant being available when needed, and where was his phone? But the decision wasn't mines, so he's still in.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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