My lunch today cost me $3.56. For that I got a slice of cheese pizza and a bag of Sun Chips (original). And I had bottle water in my office. So not bad, although frozen meals at the grocery store can run me about 1.00 to 2.59.

I'm going to devise a plan to lunch spending. Here's what I propose:

Once a week - Pizza and chip @ $3.56
Once a week - Salad @ $6.92
Three times a week - frozen meal @ $1 to 2.50

For a weekly total of $17.98 at the most. Of course I'll try to get the cheapest frozen meal to defray the costs. But this sounds workable for the moment.

Oh, of course I'll have to treat myself at least twice a month to Chop house for a crab cake. But what I'll do is stick to the above mentioned plan for once full month. And if I successfully get thru a full month without deviating from the plan, then the next month I get to treat myself to a crabcake twice. Yeah, that's sounds feasible.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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