Not a good day

My day has not been good. I was super late this morning and had to drive in. I've been cramping bad all morning. And then just as the cramps subside, tiredness kicks in and not feeling up to do anything. I haven't even read all the blogs I subscribe to.

I'm supposed to go to happy hour tonight, but I haven't heard from my friend. So if not, I'm cool I can run home and curl up in the bed.

I finished my book during lunch. A book review is forth coming. It was such a page turner in the end.

My Saturday lunch plans with girlfriends has fallen through, so I have nothing to do. I'm contemplating scheduling an acupuncture session, or maybe a massage with reflexology. I'll have to check my funds.

Sunday I'm meeting with my aunt and cousin (father's side) to plan a get together next month for the family.

Still no word on the results of the final exam from Sunday past.

I need to remember I drove in today, so I won't head to the metro as I usual.

An hour and thirty left in my work day.

Hope you are having a better day than I.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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