$8 matinee????

I finally got a chance to go see Will Smith’s new movie 7lbs. My intentions were to go in DC, up the street from my job. But I wound up staying at work longer than I anticipated yesterday which caused me to go to the movies on my side of town.

At any rate, I didn’t know the price of a matinee was eight bucks. Geesh, how much is regular admission? Yeah I’ve been to the movies recently, but I guess I never really paid much attention to the admission price. I was thinking the matinee price was more like $6. At any rate that trip to the movies cost about $15; can't go tot he movies and not purchase popcorn.

I really liked the movie, and I won’t give it away by providing any details, or too many details. But it does have me pondering this question:

Would you want someone to love you so much that they could not live without you, subsequently committing suicide upon your death?

On one hand, I would want that kind of love. Someone that makes decision based on if and how it might affect me. Who wouldn't want someone that puts you before them? Someone that aims to please me at their every waking moment. Ok, maybe I'd get abit crazy at some point. But hey, I wouldn't pass up the option at least for a short span of time.

But on the hand I am reminded of something my grandmother said to me recently, in that you shouldn’t love anyone more than you love GOD. And that GOD should be the center of your relationship with your spouse.

I just asked Hubby and his response is: “No, I guess I’d prefer to have someone that is happy with them to want to keep on living.” And that makes sense as well.
Again, I liked the movie and thought it was very thought provoking and has me reflecting on things. I must caution you that is a long movie, I think about 2 hours. And don’t make the mistake of going to a theater where rowdy people frequent, like I did. This young couple TALKED the entire time. I wanted to ask them why they came to the movies. And at one point in the movie they actually laughed at something that happened, and from their response (laughter) I gathered that they were young. It was not a funny moment at all.

Well I’m off to occupy my time for the day. Hope you are have a good day!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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