2009 Resolutions

Yeah, yeah, yeah…….it’s that time of year again where I make New Year resolutions I might not keep up with. But I do them every year to sort of provide a game plan for some things I’d like to get a better handle on. I don’t make them so far fetched that I might not attain, but something that has me looking at what I do and gauge whether or not I want to continue those actions.

So having said that this is my list of New Year resolutions:

· Savings – I started this some months ago, so I plan to continue and attempt to step it up a notch if possible.

· Paying down/off debt – I have one store credit card and Visa with a measly balance I’d like to completely pay off. And with shear determination and some self discipline I can do them both in one year. Then I’ll be able to concentrate on my mastercard and student loans.

· Hair maintenance – I wear a pony tail entirely too frequently, so I’m gonna commit to a better hair care regimen.

· Home Projects – new windows, new ceiling fan, new living room lighting, new carpet downstairs

· Healthy living – I’d like to lose at least 15 pounds and exercise at least twice a week. I understand that by exercising the weight loss might turn to weight gain because muscles, but I’m cool with that, better fab than flab. Additionally, I’d like to increase my fruit and vegetable intake and cut down on the snacking.

· School – maintain focus to finish in December

· Hobbies – take some classes for professional development as well as fun. I’d really like to take a class in cake decorating and banking & investing.

· Reading – expand my reading selections; my personal reading preference is fiction by African American authors, well I’d like to expand to include self-help (personal finance) and mystery

· Living – this year I’ve been much of a homebody, sitting around awaiting invitations to go out and be about. Well in 09, I aint having it. If I have to hit up happy our all by my lonesome, well I’ll do just that. I want to get out more; after all I have one life to live, so I might as well live it. Tomorrow is not promised people!

So there you have it, my New Year resolutions. Now what shall I do to bring in the New Year?

Whatever you do, please be safe!


Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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