Yeah, I’m lazy……

I’d been meaning to post over the long weekend, but well……..it felt too dang on good doing absolutely NADA.

I left work abit earlier than the scheduled 3 pm departure. I had to hit up AC Moore to get a gingerbread house for my little cousin and I to make. And they were sold out, so I settled for the gingerbread tree. Then I hit the grocery store, which was crowded……what did I expect right. At any rate I met my aunt for a sec and then went to pick up my little cousin.

He and I had a nice time putting together the gingerbread house. It really takes time and patience doing that and man I was so ready to give up and toss it in the trash. But we pressed on and finished. Of course it looked nothing like the box, but it was cool and we were happy with the end results.

After dropping my little cousin off home, I got back home and attempted to coax hubby into opening up one of his gifts. His response: “No, it’s not Christmas yet.” LOL

Thursday morning, I was jolted awake on several occasions by repeated text messages: “Merry Christmas”……..I think I finally got out of bed about 12:30. I went downstairs to grab a cup of Gatorade and my new coat was hanging just outside of the kitchen……I got such a kick out of hubby’s creative way of presenting it to me. And being the big kid that I am, I put on my new coat and made some eggo waffles.

Hubby headed out about 4:30 to his parents house and I was about 45 minutes behind him. And then about 7 we headed to my mother’s house where her side of the family was gathering. We did a white elephant gift exchange that’s always fun. This year, three people showed up unprepared, so my mother had to provide two extra gifts and an aunt provided an extra. Well, seems folks done up and forgot the guidelines. Two aunt purchased gag gifts that weren’t worth the agreed upon amount of $25. And guess who got stuck with one something not worth $25, yep I did. So by the end of the night, two aunts were on probation and will have their gifts checked at the door upon entering next year.

Friday was my oldest god daughter’s 16th birthday. So I headed over her house to put up decorations for the party we had. I put forth some serious effort and love into the favors and was glad to hear that people liked them. All in all a good time was had by the birthday girl, who made out with a nice chunk of cash, and everyone else in attendance. And by the time I finally got home about 8 I was exhausted and headed straight for bed. Of course I wound up watching TV and blog hopping.

Saturday was really relaxing. I finally left he house about 4 and headed to return some items and grab some lunch. I met up with an old friend and chatted. Oh, and I purchased a new pair of shoes…….I know I shouldn’t have, but they were on sale and who can pass up a great deal on shoes? Certainly not I.

And yesterday..........can we say pajamas all day? Yep, I was in the house all day. I think I finally got out of the bed about 1 and then took a nap about 2:30. JUST PLAIN OLE LAZY! I did wash and put away a few loads of clothes.

Hope you had a GREAT holiday.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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