Target robbed me blind.....

I left work yesterday with intentions of running into Target for some personal items and some snacks for work. I decided I would challenge myself and draw up a list and see if I could stick to the items listed. Well let's just say that plan went so far array it's ridiculous.

I get in the store and grab a cart and stir clear of the women's clothing section. It's normally where I start my shopping. At any rate I head towards the personal items section and the black hair care aisle was calling me. So I had to oblige, and wouldn't you know it Neutrogena Triple Moisture products were on sale. I grab the hair mask and moved on to where I needed to go. I was a woman on a mission to not spend any more money than I needed to. I get to the section, grab what I needed, but there's a sale so I needed to make sure the items I selected were actually on sale.

Next stop was the household cleaning aisle, I wanted to pick up a couple of Glade candles. I then moved on the snack section where I grab a few items, checked prices and made final selections. Last stop was the grocery section. I needed to find something quick for dinner, and I had a taste for one of those Bertolli bag meals.

By the time I made it to the register and had my items rung up my total damage was 71.79....I have a serious love/hate relationship with Target. I have the hardest time running in grabbing what I need and leaving.

You think I have grounds for a lawsuit? LOL

And then I get home a guess what..........wait for it.............I needed to pick up some film from development! So now I have to go back again today. I'm gonna pull my hair out if I spend over $20.

Have a great day!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

maybe u can get some bail out money lol and its Tar'get - french

kayellejaye said...

Target gets me EVERY time. I almost went in there tonight, but I stopped myself at the very last minute.