Standing in Faith

Here's another little something sent to me that I'd like to share:

There are times when standing on faith is our only choice, trusting God and saying so with our voice.

There are times we aren't sure what exactly it is we see, our eyes look in the flesh not spiritually.

There are times the Doctors know not what is going on, that is the time to choose who we'll count on.

There are times when it seems the whole world is caving in; not good if your trust in God is thin.

Standing on faith is trusting God knows what to do, no matter how hurtful He'll get you through.

Knowing that He not we are still in charge, and He'll help us with our burden if it gets too large.

Sometimes there?s absolutely nothing to do but wait, and it isn't as hard if we're standing on faith!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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