"Fireproof" a movie review

A friend sent an e-mail earlier this week with a link to this movie entitled Fireproof. The trailer looked really good, so I told her and a few other friends that I would go see it this weekend.

So I just got back from seeing the movie. The movie starred Kirk Cameron, you might remember him from the popular 80's tv show Growing Pains. I must first admit that I'm abit torn on this movie. With the exception of Kirk Cameron, the acting was bad. The other characters seemed as if they had just remembered their lines and were reciting them. Oh, and they have these 2 African American women that the stereo typed that made me mad.......cause not all African American women are like that.

Aside from that the message was really good, I can't say that enough. Cameron gave a memorable performance as a husband fighting to get his marriage back on track. Along the way he seeks advice from a co-worker and his father.

It begins with Cameron coming home from a shift at the firehouse where he's the captain. I'm not sure how long their shifts are, but I'm thinking maybe 3 or 4 straight days then a day off. At any rate he comes home to a wife giving him the cold shoulder. They have a disagreement about nothing in particular and it escalates days later to the point of him yelling at her them declaring they want to dissolve the marriage.

Cameron's character then seeks advice from his father on what to do and how to proceed. His father suggests he give it 40 days and follow the instructions in this book he provides. Day one he is instructed to not say anything negative to his wife. Day two's instructions were to do something thoughtful, so he makes her a morning cup of coffee, for which his wife declares she has no time for. Day three is to send some flowers, followed by day four where he has to provide dinner by candlelight. Wifey comes in and shakes her head, goes to her room for a few, then comes back to tell him, "Let me make this clear, I don't love you."

I wont give the rest of the movie away. But I will advise two of my friends to see the movie, as they are in relationships and often have inquiries about being in a committed relationship and or marriage. I found the message to be very pertinent and relevant. And in the end aside from the bad acting, it was indeed a good movie that I would recommend others to see. (MATINEE).

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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