Weekend recap & randomness

Not much of a weekend for me. Let's see Friday the mister and I attempted to catch the 8 pm showing of Dark Knight in Bowie, but we get there with minutes to spare only to find that the show was sold out. RATS......anyway we quickly decide to grab a bit to eat and then comeback and catch the 10 pm show.

After grabbing that bite to eat at Friday's we still have 30 minutes to spare. So we get back and find a parking space and sit to people watch. And boy were there some characters. This older caucasian guygot out of his car with a book in hand. Really you gonna read a book at the movie theater? And then there was this other kid that pulled up in a purple Volkswagon bug with his crew and shouted out for all the hear that he had to get his wallet from the trunk. Ok, thanks for that bit of information.

At any rate themovie was good. Heath Ledger did a very good job as the joker. The movie was very entertaining from beginning to end.

Saturday - I had the powerpoint class. (A post on this specfically to follow shortly.) After that I was back home to wait for the Mister and his god son. The god son told me he wasn't going to come see me because I was mean. We went outside to fight it out......LOL and came back into to play some video games. He has a Wii at home so I just knew he'd be able to handle my little plug and play games. I keep them for my niece. At any rate he didn't really have the hand cordination and kept giving the joystick back to me. Well after 25 minutes of this he was ready to go home. So Mister and I drove him home where he quickly begin playing some wrestling game on Wii. So grabbed the second remote and attempted to play mimicing the motions he did. We finally overstayed out visit and left about an hour later. We stopped and had dinner and grabbed a movie from the Red Box.

The movie: Bank Job. It was pretty decent, but I had itis and feel asleep 20 minutes into the movie.

Yesterday - my mother in her true fashion decided I was sleeping to late and needed to get up and start preparing for the church function at 1. I got up with the intent to find some pics for my Spartunit page. I found a few, but mother rang and I needed to get ready to leave for the church function. I finally arrived about 1:45 (it started at 1) the set up was decent. They had vendors, food, activity for the kids: moon bounces, water moon bounce and pony rides. I thought the rain/storm would hold off for a few hours. But um......NOT......it was a scene straight from the Wiz, with the wind uprooting the tent and flying over the tent next to us, papers flying every where. My mother and I look at each other, like WTF and begin scrambling to gather up the items on the table and make a mad dash into the building. Moms and I wait the heavy rains out for another 15-20 minutes and then we head on out. The storm hadn't hit near my house yet, I live 8 minutes down the road. Anyway, I drop my car off, moms scoops by and we run the few errands we need and I'm at her house for Mister to come get me and take me home for the evening.

Exciting weekend huh....I hope you had a good weekend.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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