Today, today....

I was a little hung up at work today so I couldn't get a post in. But now that I'm relaxing at home I guess I have no excuse. Let's see here are some randoms for today:

* I didn't purchase lunch today. This is a small feat for me. I'm seriously trying to go a full week without spending the money at the eateries downtown. Sure it requires me to purchase frozen meals at the grocery store, but that's hella cheaper than spending $5 - 15 for lunch. The cheapest options I could do would be: 1) slice of pizza - $3, 2)baked potatoe from Potatoe Valley - $6, 3) ceasar salad from Cosi - $7.

* I decided to go to Norfolk State's homecoming this year. At least for the moment, there's still the likelihood I might change my mind. But a buddy will pay for me to party friday and saturday night and the first round of drinks each night, so that was tempting. But then a girlfriend agreed to take the 3.5 hour ride with me, so it's on.

* My hair looks nice. I don't know why I don't wear this style more often. Granted it's time consuming and will likely only last me three days at best, but it's cute and maintenance free. The style you might ask is a braid out. I co-washed my hair last night then did 7 braids, sat under the dryer for 35 minutes and allowed it to air dry for the duration of the night. I took it out this morning and well as I stated, it's cute.

* Despite the admission above, I'm debating whether to relax my hair this week. This will make 15 weeks since my last relaxer. And I try to stretch it 16-18 weeks.

*I've been doing a good job of taking the train to and from work. So I've saved a bundle on gas this month.

The Mister is walking thru the door now and we are supposed to be going over friends house for a birthday celebration. Let me get up before he comes up here complaining........

Have a great evening.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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