Give me my money back

So as I mentioned I let a friend talk me into taking a powerpoint class, face-to-face no less. (My regular school classes are online, and I really prefer taking classes that way now) Well it was a complete waste of my money/time and I seriously want my money back. Mister copped the book for us and we get to class to find that we had the wrong book. We were taking 2007 powerpoint and the book was for 2003 powerpoint. Then we had trouble finding two computers next to each other that worked (we had to share the one book).........go figure, we are on a college campus in a computer lab and computers don't work???? So that is resolved, then we move on to logging in and commence to beginning our introduction to powerpoint 2007.

All in all I learned not a dang on thing. The difference between 03 and 07 is pretty much the set up. With the 2007 version, the layout is a tadbit fancy with a "ribbon" used to display the various application options. In older versions the options are located at the top of the screen, i. e. file, edit, view. Well in 2007 there's a ribbon at the top of the screen that has tabs with these very same options. I walked away from the class short of the cost of the class with no new information. I used powerpoint once last year to do a picture presentation of a family member to be used at the memorial services.

Sure I can chalk it up to spending time with a friend, but really we could have met for drinks instead. So I'm gonna send her a copy of this message letting her know she needs to treat me to happy hour or something making me spend money on this dang on class. I could have bought a new pair of shoes, spent that money on my niece or a host of other things.......oh well.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Kieya said...

i hate the 2007 version...

Jerome said...

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