Stepping it up

I upped the any in my savings regime. In addition to the amounts I regularly put in my savings I added an additional $150 to one and an extra $30 to another. I feel good about the move. That will be less money I have access to during the month of February.

Happy Savings.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Tanyetta said...

PERFECT choice. You're NOT messing around! I like that :)

tiltedhalo said...

I so wish I could do that, but times are hard right now. LOL Maybe in a few months when my car is finally paid off. Woohoo!!!

laughing808 said...

@Tanyetta, naw no messing around. I figure I'd better do it while I can, never know what might come up.

@tiltedhalo, trust, I understand times are hard all the more reason for me to beef up my savings.