Bored restless

The company I work for follows the federal government as far as closing due to inclement weather, and as such I had the option of calling in today. And of course I opted to stay home. To tell the truth I'm a very clumsy person and I can easily see myself slipping and falling once I stepped foot outside.

The complex where I reside and pay HOA fees is very lax when it comes to property upkeep, so there is still (here it is after 4pm) and the sidewalks and steps have NOT been cleared of ice nor treated.

At any rate, I've been in the bed all day. BORED........I don't see how people can do this all day every day. I've said it time and time again, I'm so dang on glad I'm gainfully employed. Usually when I have or take a day off during the week, I have a slew of errands to run. But today, with the sidewalks being all icy I stayed in. And now that it's after 4pm I feel like I've wasted away a perfect day.

Yeah I watched TV. I even attempted to take a nap, but sleep would not come. I did get a chance to watch the final episode for season 3 of Dexter. But that's it.........I guess the bright side of this day is no money spent!

Well I wont bore you with any more details......hope you had a more exciting day.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Ms. Behaving said...

Another person who got the day off due to inclement weather...

I feel soooooo shortchanged!!! [LOL]

Hope you enjoyed your work free day!! :-)

tiltedhalo said...
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tiltedhalo said...

I'm the deleted comment author...sorry about that. I really need to proofread. LOL

I found your blog last week I think, and I really like it.

I am gainfully employed too and I relish any and every day that I can be off. LOL I can also sleep the day away. LOL I wish we could've had an inclement weather day off. We got a little snow but not enough to close. Darn.