I'm so glad.....

that I had/have these two extra days off........I was hoping for some extra sleep today, but my niece came over last night and she didn't want to go to sleep! She actually fought sleep until 2 am. I had to turn the tv off and leave the room for her to go to sleep. And I'd been out of the room for 5 minutes and came back and she was knocked out. It was really funny.

At any rate, a recap of my weekend so far........a good part of Saturday was spent in the house washing and styling my hair. It took about an 1.5 hour to wash my hair. The conditioner made my hair feeling weighed down, so I had to re-wash and condition. And that created less time for me to do a roller set, which meant my only option was to blow dry........urgh! I don't like wearing my hair straight. But I forged on because I had plans........

The comedy show was due to start at 8, so I ran out the door about 7:45 and I arrived at 8:20pm.......the set up was decent, appetizers and some drinks were included in the $30 price. But all the food was gone by the time I got there. Oh well, I got one drink and it was time for the show. The first two comedians cool.....but the last three were really funny.

The night ended not so well.........I got a flat tire (the same tire that was plugged in Deep Creek Wednesday), there was trouble getting one of the lugs off subsequently problems getting the donut on. And then the donut was flat.......ARGH!

I finally made it home about made it home about 2:15 am, when the comedy show was over at 11 pm. So I was up early Sunday morning in an attempt to get the tire fixed, so I headed to Sears where I was told the tire stud was broken and they couldn't fix it until Monday when the brake guy comes in. I then went to NTW and they couldn't do anything because it was Sunday and their parts run was done for the day. They put the tire on, but an hour later something else went awfully wrong and the car had to be towed to NTW.

Today I picked my car up to the tune of $208, of course they found other stuff to charge me for. But I have my car back, so I'm mobile again............

And now I'm sitting debating where I'll watch the inaugural ceremony tomorrow.

Hope you had a great weekend, I have one more day!!!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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