Yeah, it's been a minute

Hey there blog world, yeah it's been a minute since I posted (something of substance). Well last weekend was pretty busy for me. One of my cousins had an adult toy party (ladies only) so Friday and most of Saturday I was busy running around in preparation for that. And it went nicely Saturday night. She had a nice turn out, with plenty orders.

Sunday, Hubby and I packed and headed up to Deep Creek lake. His birthday was Monday, and I'd suggested skiing a few times in the past so it was time to make that suggestion a reality. We stayed at the Suites at Silver Tree. Our room was really quaint and had the amenities we needed. He finally got a chance to take ski lessons and ski at Wisp ski resort. I'm not into outdoor activities, so he was on his own for skiing. But I did go snow tubing, and my face liked to have froze off. I'll admit that is was indeed fun.

His birthday dinner was at this really nice place that I've recommended to friends already. The name of the place is Cornish Manor. We found the place in the hotel advertisement. And it was really a charming place and the food was DELICIOUS! I can't stop raving about the giant crab cakes I had. Just thinking about them has me yearning for one. So if you are ever in the deep creek lake vicinity, please do stop in for either lunch or dinner. No other food places are worth mentioning since we dined at the Cornish Manor.

We headed back home Wednesday. It was snowing and we had to get a tire plugged and full the tank up before we actually got on the road.

All in all it was a good trip.

So it back to work for the both of us Thursday. And now it's Saturday and I'm playing at home beautician. I'm headed out tonight for a little comedy show at Arundel Mills. And then tomorrow I have a family meeting. Not sure if I'll do any more partying this long weekend. I'd really like to read a book during this down time.

At any rate, I think I need to check on my hair.........hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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