Yesterday’s Lunch

I decided to grab a salad from Cosi yesterday for lunch. I was abit disappointed, I think I’m gonna have to revise my lunch meal plan. Maybe I can incorporate a baked potato from the Potato Valley. It will give me a chance to get some exercise since I have to walk further and then the potato is less than the cost of the salad at Cosi.

Today I bought in a pasta salad I made last night. It was good last night, so I’m hoping it is as good today. I’ll have hot tea with it and a bag of corn chips.

My dinner menu is up in the air at the moment. Not sure what I want, although a crab cake would be nice. Mister was sick last night, so he might not be up to eating anything tonight.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Just_Wondering said...

Omgoodness you mentioning crab cakes made my mouth water! I haven't had one in such a longggg time!

Thanks for swinging by my page...It really means a lot.

aoc gold said...
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