Thursday Thirteen 7th edition

Purse contents is the subject of my Thrusday Thirteen this week. These items are with me in every purse I carry. I have them with me when I go to work and to the club.

1. cellphone - I have to be able to call someone to come and get me if need be.
2. keys (car & home) - no explanation needed
3. tissue
4. checkbook
5. atm card
6. pen & notepad - technically these actually should count as two seperate items
7. driver's license
8. lip gloss
9. antibacterial lotion or gel
10. regular lotion - can't put the anti bacterial lotion on my face now can I
11. body splash - have to smell fresh at any given moment
12. at least one dollar in coins and five dollars
13. panty liner - you never know......

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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