Cho who? Cho what?

I attempted to turn in early last night but wound up watching more TV. Some how the TV wound up on VH-1 and The Cho Show was on. Now I’d caught an episode last week and thought it was funny. But couldn’t imagine it being funny two weeks in a row. Boy was I in for a treat. Or maybe I was in a silly mood last night and which has me laughing at any and every thing. At any rate so I watched it and it was indeed funny. But last week’s show was funnier.

Margaret Cho is this Asian comedian. I’d heard the name a few times before and my aunt has actually gone to see her at least once when she was in town. I never watched any of her performances, but apparently she’s funny.

In short, this week’s episode was about her, her crew the glam squad and her parents going off the grid. She wanted to experience life in the wilderness and heads off in a luxury RV to a spot some miles from Malibu. They pitch a tent and call t a night. The next morning they are off to find food, and run into actor Gary Busey. On the way back they find dumpsters and proceed to go thru the garbage for some vitals.

Last week’s show was her sponsoring/participating in a mother daughter pageant. So they set about finding contestants and judges while preparing them selves. Margaret is a contestant with her personal assistant/side kick Selene Luna. Take a gander:

This week's episode is #3, so I plan to check the TV guide and tune in for the duration of the show. And I suggest you check it out as well.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


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