Officially registered - Fall 08

The syllabus was finally available for viewing for the two classes I registered for:

ACCT 411: Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting (3)

ACCT 436: Internal Auditing (3)

And of the two, it appeared that Internal Auditing would be the best choice as there was an additional individual paper due for the Ethics class on top if a group project and homework and weekly conference participation. And the book was cheaper.

So I dropped the Ethics class and paid for the Internal Auditing class and ordered my book. Of course I got a jump start on class participation by printing the syllabus, introducing myself in the conference room and lastly agreeing to have read the important course expectations.

Class begins Monday, so I'm trying to finish this last book I borrowed from the library. And I don't plan on doing any leisure reading this semester. This class requries quite abit of reading and I might actually wind up spending time at the library.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


MrsSaditty said...

Good luck!

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