That Heffa

I decided to make it a quick lunch and hit up the Cosi for a Cesar salad no crotons, I had to wait in a long azz line. But it’s all good cause it’s lunch time and that how it goes. So its finally my turn to place my order and the young man took my order no problem, but the young lady who just puts the dressing on and mixes looked at my salad as if it’s foreign……….WTF is wrong with her?

So I get my salad and head to the register to pay, well guess what……the cashier turns her nose up at my salad as well. So as the manager just so happens to approach, I tell her “You don’t have to turn you nose up at my food” to which she gives me the blank face……what the heck is it you don’t get. You should be able to read the writing on the top. So she goes on to ring my purchase and I gave her my coupon for $2 bucks off………yay me for clipping that coupon, my salad was on $4.72 as opposed to 6.72……anyway, when she gives me my change she leans in and apologizes for the comment and states that she didn’t mean anything by it, but my salad didn’t look like the usual salad…….heffa still mind your P’s and Q’s when dealing with people and their food.

She better hope I don’t feel like causing a commotion and writing a letter to corporate about this incident.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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