I Dislike riding Metro: Thursday 13 - 9th edition

If you live in or near the Washington DC area or visited the area, chances are you've taken a ride on the subway. This week My Thursday Thirteen relates to my dislikes about riding the subway here in DC. Sure it's cool for weekend travel in and around DC. But daily commuting has it's draw backs and here are mine issues with riding on a daily basis:

  1. smells
  2. rowdy school kids
  3. cost of parking
  4. nasty patrons - people cough and or sneeze and don't cover their mouth/nose
  5. national fans
  6. tourists
  7. rude patrons - loud music even with earphones
  8. jerky train ride
  9. "brief delays"
  10. inconsiderate patrons - don't want anyone sitting beside them
  11. frequent train/track malfunctions
  12. uncooperative patrons - don't want to move further into the train preferring to stand by the doors which sometimes hinders others from getting on and off the train
  13. inconsiderate parking patrons - parking in 1.5 space or parking too close to already parked cars making it a feat for people to get in their cars

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Eb the Celeb said...

sorry... i am the one that rides with my music extra loud in my headphones... that's so I can tune out all the other bull that you have listed here...lol

MrsSaditty said...

I've only ridden the Metro twice during city visits. My pet peeves are the women who look five times broker than you are who clutch their raggedy purses to their chests as you take a seat next to them.