Thursday Thirteen - 4th edition

This edition is an ode to and for black shoes. My husband doesn't see the purpose of having more than three pairs of black shoes. Of course I beg to differ, there's the wedge, at least two types of loafers, varying textures and not too mention the heel height and style. At any rate as the summer begins to wind down, I'm forced to think about the fall and subsequently my work wardrobe. One of the few things I like about the fall/winter are the shoes. So I decided to have fun and present 13 pairs of black shoes for any career minded woman. Now of course not every woman would agree with my choices, so in the choices I present today I tried to stay on a middle ground, no real high heels and nothing too fancy. But as you'll see all of these black shoes are very different.

With out further ado:

now this shoe is cute to keep in the office when you are forced to do some walking and don't want to compromise too much style.

and this one is a nice basic black patent to accompany a black suit, it sorta breaks up all the black with it's shine.
this is a nice option for skirt suits.

next up is the classic mary jane shoe.......I really like this one because it is very stylish and not overly decorative and very sleek.

here's another black flat that's good for those that do alot of driving, but it's still very stylish and yeah it's different from the first shoe in that this shoe is adorned with a chain like decor versus the buckled used in the first shoe.

this is a nice shoe to wear with an A line skirt or a skirt suit long or short

this is one of two types of loafers, this is the plain loafer, modern sleek and would look nice with a pant suit

these textured loafer can be nicely pair with a plain suit to offer a hint of variety

this is nice option if you are wearing career separates, again very stylish

there is a difference between these twoboth are wedges with different stitching for the details, but still stylish

some company's allow employees to dress down on Friday's where jeans can be worn. These are nice booties that would pair nicely with some jeans and a top. Another option for jean Friday's, as I call it is:

So there you have it, 13 different pairs of black shoes for any career minded woman. Now pardon me while I go place my online order.........

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


yasmin said...

Happy TT and wow...that's a lot of pairs of black shoes...where's the slingback...oh wait you said for work not for the evening. ;)
Fellow TT Participant

PopArtDiva said...

Where's the stilettos?????? You have to have a pair of hot, black high heels!!!

I have 7 pairs of black shoes - and one is a pair of high heels - even though I do not wear high heels anymore! Just can't give them up!

My TT is links to the top 13 martinis and free martini recipes cards you can download and save - in case you need a martini to go with your black shoes, lol.

Alice Audrey said...

I love the short boots.

Monday through Sunday said...

LOVE them all!! I love black shoes! I love shoes!

missdjm said...

Cute shoes! Where's the stilettos? lol. The 3rd pair I'd love to add to my collection.

Happy TT and have a great weekend.