A full stomach

oh what a good dinner I just had. And what did I have might you ask? Well let me tell you.....I had some crab balls and mashed potatoes. Now to others that might not seem like much of a meal, but for me......as the title stated, I have a full stomach.

But as an after thought I begin to think about an article I read on The Savvy Sista site about African American women and obesity. Based on the brief article 78% of black adults are overweight. I wouldn't consider myself obese more like a little healthy. But while researchers are studying Americans, why are they not studying the food and finding ways to produce food that is healthier. Personally, I think there are too many fingers pointing at the issue and not enough fingers pointing at solutions. Sure Americans could eat better, but the cost of the healthy food is much more expensive.

But I will admit that I'm not too big on exercising and I do prefer the quick unhealthy meals over meals that are healthier but take time to prepare. And I am trying to change my unhealthy eating habits and incorporating exercise into my weekly schedule.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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kayellejaye said...

It's sad. When I drive thru the "hood" just about every girl I see is sloppy and overweight. Why?

1. Because brothas like us thick.
2. Fast food is cheap and fast.
3. A lot of them are single moms that are still holding on to that baby weight.

Btw...I love me some crab balls. I'm jealous.