One long day

Today has truly been a long day. I thought with my being out yesterday the last two days of this week would zoom by. Boy am I mistakened. I kept looking up and it wasn't even 12 noon yet. And now, 5 is taking it's time to get here. I need to be out of here........

Random thoughts:

* Thoughts of my grandmother still looming, but time heals all things. And I know my grandmother is in a better place. My youngest brother took my grandmother's passing harder than I thought. I'll have to be make a note to check on him this evening

* I have a final exam Sunday. I prepared my notes earlier this week, so I'll spend these next few days reviewing them in preparation.

* Do I really want to go to homecoming?

* I would really like to have a crabcake.

* What's for dinner tonight?

* Dang I still aint get my oil changed.

* It still aint 5

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Time always move drag when you are ready to go.

My school's homecoming is in October. Everyone I know is already talking about it.

Patrick said...

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