Evening happenings......

So the day finally ended and I prepare to leave. I usually try to wait until my supervisor leaves just for GP, it looks good. Naw I aint doing jack, but it still looks good. At any rate 6:20 comes and I'm like time to jet. I pack up and make my way to the restroom then elevator. I proceed to walk to the metro station as normal. Only to get down the escalators to realize.........I drove. So I walks back to the building and catches the elevator downstairs to get my car. And so my weekend begins.

Well I have a final exam Sunday, so no real plans other than study til it's time for me to leave for the exam. But I'm thinking, since I'll be in the house all day tomorrow, might as well grab some snacks. So I head to the Giant in Largo. Damn near there, I'm like naw I'll just hit the GNC for some hair oil and then hit the Shoppers.

I go into Shoppers with sunflower seeds and popcorn on my mind and I wind up spending 22.78. It never fails, I go into the grocery store for one thing and leave with that one thing and two or three bags of other things. And this time they didn't even have the sunflower seeds I wanted.

So now I'm home, having had a salad, I'm allowing my pre-poo (shampoo) concoction to sit in my hair til hubby gets home to clean the sink for me to wash my hair. And he needs to get here soon, cause my movie starts in 4 minutes. Yep, I'm finally gonna see Three Can Play That Game.

Have a great evening.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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