Fall 2009 TV shows

There’s much buzz around the internet about the fall TV schedule. I’ve read some synopsis and have sorta decided on what my fall 09 tv viewing schedule will consist of. Wanna know……..here ya go:

8:30 – The Cleveland Show
9pm – Desperate Housewives - CBS
10pm – Cold Case - CBS

8 pm – Lincoln Heights – Family Channel
9pm – Trauma - NBC
10pm – Castle - ABC

9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles - CBS
10pm – The Good Wife - CBS

9pm – Law & Order SVU - NBC
10pm – CSI: New York - CBS
9pm – Grey’s Anatomy - ABC
10pm – Private Practice - ABC

8 pm – Law & Order - NBC
9pm – Ugly Betty (CBS) or Southland (NBC)
10pm – on my own…………

Saturday: on my own……

Looks like Monday is the only day I need to rush to be home by 8. This is good because I’ll be able to run some errands, like hit Tar/get. And for real, I could pass on Tuesday’s night show, as I’m only watching NCIS for LL.

What tv shows are you watching this fall?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs


Lee said...

Its funny you mentioned this. I am reviewing The Good wife on tomorrows blog. Also Trauma if its good. The Good Wife actually is a really good show.

Monie said...
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Monie said...

Hi laughing808,

I really like Cold Case. They have some really interesting storylines.

I saw Trauma and it's better than the critics give it credit for being.

The Good Wife looks interesting.

Southland is a good show. Sometimes they get too much into stereotypes but I really like Regina King's character on the show.

And I'll be watching more of Law & Order now that Jeff Goldblum will be on more.

What did you think of The Cleveland show? I'm a little leery of it.