I can’t do it…….

So I planned to watch the TV show Trauma tonight on NBC and while the first 13 minutes held my attention, I had to change the channel.

Ok, let me back up with some history/additional personal information. Back in 2001 I was on a road trip with my grandmother and three young cousins going to visit my aunt and uncle in North Carolina. My aunt who lives in Cali even flew in for the week as well…….we had a lovely week of relaxation. On the way home just as we get vicinity of home, we crashed. The accident was near fatal. My grandmother (maternal) who was the front passenger was fine, the oldest cousin in the back had a broken leg or ankle and another cousin had a ruptured spleen.

I had the worse and most severe injuries of everyone in the car. I suffered a concussion and a serious neck injury. My neck injury was at a level just above paralysis. I have no recollection of the accident.

And because of this I’m a bundle of nerves when I’m the passenger in a car and when I see accidents, in person or on tv. So back to the show……….dude was driving and texting on the highway and cuts off a gas truck and just about runs into the back of a SUV when he swerves and runs into the concrete median. He’s hit by another car and so begins the ripple affect of a major highway accident involving multiple cars and injuries.

I’m damn near in tears after seeing the crash. So I had to turn……..I’ll probably turn back, but it is so hard to see automobile accidents.

Yeah, I turned back and the show was actually pretty decent. I think I’ll tune in next week. I’ll cover my eyes for any car crashes.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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