09 VMA

I'm not really into the music awards shows anymore. But fa.cebook was abuzz about Kan.ye and something he did so I decided to stay up and watch the encore showing and here are my notes/comments:

Jan.et's tribute: nice, liked it.....

Taylor.Swift/Kan.ye/best female video: um, it was really in poor taste of Kan.ye to interupt someone during their acceptance speech to voice his personal opinion. It wasn't his show, so his actions were really uncalled for. And might I also point out that the video he mentioned in said interuption was just ok and doesn't really deserve video of the year award, said video was just ok, nothing to write home about or interupt a speech for!

Russ.ell Crowe as the host: um hit or miss for me, I like his accent and he can be funny at times

Wa.le as the house band, I likes.......

La.dy>Ga>Ga performance: WTF.......maybe I need to hear the song to understand, but I just didn't get it.......the blood and the hanging?????

I'm liking Wal.e................

I'm not sure if I'm really gonna stay up to watch all of this......I'm sure I'll see highlights on various blogs tomorrow.

the trailer for that new twilight movie looks abit interesting, I actually stopped what I was doing and looked at the trailer.

Beyo.nce's performance: ok I'll give it to her.....she can perform and she can sing I'll just leave it there. (please movie directors and producers, don't hire her for acting gigs, I beg of you)

I can't believe I'm still up........

TraceyMorgan/Eminem continuous skip: the very first part I chuckled, but that's it........where is this headed, I need for the end to get over with

why does Emin>em always look mad.......he won for best hip hop award, which I think should have went to HOV, I so love D.O.A

Kid.Cudi and Wale, loving the sound.....yeah I'm dancing

WTF is up with this LadyGa character.......she's in all red now with her face covered in some red lace, ok so she take off the face mask mid acceptance speech in which she states the award is for GOD and the Gays

ok, now P.ink's performance was creative.......

um, is Wa.le changing his clothes......he's going hollywood aready? Jimney cricket, he's the house band..............

Be.yonce wins video of the year award and invites Taylor.Swift to come out and finish her acceptance speech

LadyGa changed her clothes again????? now she has some white get up on looking like an eskimo with this thing around her face

so after the HOV performance I'm gonna call it a night. I do have to work and will need to be up again in about 6 hours......

I'm a HOV fan so yeah I loved the performance with Alicia.Keys, and I will certainly purchase his new cd when it drops!

Good night all

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Lee said...

I thought Pink was tight. HOV and Alicia Keys were really good. That CD is already out and its good. Beyonce was on point. I like Lady Gaga was not loving the performance. And as much as I love fashion, the hundred costume changes was a bit much. And yes, Eminem is perpetually angry.