Social life……What’s that?

I’ve been out a few times since I last posted. I have a girlfriend that wants to check out all that the DC/MD area has to offer as far as parties. And well I tagged along once or twice. But what really jump started my way party going was a party filled weekend in May. A guy I went to junior high and high school with had a party on a Friday night and of course I was more than willing to attend, especially since it was since MD so I didn’t have to worry about parking! So I hit that up and had a blast. A few other junior high pals came thru and it was on……..

The next night (Saturday) well a high schoolmate had his party in DC and I felt compelled to hit that up as well……and of course despite my not drinking much I had a good time as well. My feet were killing me by the time I got home. Oh and need I mention hubby was home well before me on both nights……..LOL, funny how he stays out late when I’m home but when I go out he’s home before me, riddle me that, LOL.

Let’s see then there was Friday night at Hal.f Note that was interestingly PACKED. A Saturday night at the same place had me grooving to a new all woman band, they are really nice. There were a few other gatherings that followed, but they weren’t that note worthy.

And then we had a junior high school gathering, and the turn out was nice and decent. The responses were slow to come in, and then a hiccup with one of the guys that helped to plan it caused us to switch venues at the very last minute. But all in all, everyone that attended said they had a good time and want to get together again. We joked and clowned each other, took loads and loads of pictures and well we were the last people in the place that night.

These are folks that went to junior high school together, go figure. All thanks in part to F.acebook and people wanting and willing to get together. And I look forward to many other gatherings with these and more people I went to school with.

My high school reunion is coming up in August and I’m hopeful that many will participate for a weekend of fun.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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