Fibroids, Smiroids!

So the top of the year I was told by a physician that I had a really large fibroid and it needed to be removed. Anger and Confusion set in. Anger because I knew I had them cause a former OB/GYN told me so, but he said they were small and insignificant and since they caused no pain I didn’t need to take any action. Fast forward to two years ago when I broached the subject with another doctor who said the exact same thing, and now they are an issue. So I was angry that my body was starting to fail me. Confused because I didn’t have any pain of other symptoms that warranted the removal of the fibroids, not too mention removal would call for surgery with a long recovery period.

So I sought a second opinion and it was confirmed that since my getting up in age and if I wanted to have kids, that I’d need to have the fibroid removed, heal then get pregnant.

And I had surgery June 29, 2009……………………..

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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