Crazy E Cheese - Weekend recap

Friday after work I hit the target to look for a gift for my niece. I wanted to purchase a toy, but since I’ve always been the gift giver that prefers clothes over toys I was at a loss. I headed over to the children’s book in hopes of finding something worthwhile and I was fortunate enough to find a little sesame street collection of books.

I was then off to find a little something for my older niece for Luv-Luv day……I don’t like the sound of Valentine’s Day so I refer to the day as Luv-Luv day……..at any rate I stumbled on 75% off clearance items……..I got gift bags and an assortment of cute candies for my niece. And I was out of there in time to make it home for The Game. But it was a repeat, I was disturbed because the advertisement listed a new episode. At any rate I had a paper due Sunday, so I started working on that.

Saturday morning I was up too early thanks in part to a call from my mother reminding me I needed to pick up my niece for the party. My niece mother was to drop her off, but her car started acting up on the highway. So someone needed to pick my niece up from the side of the highway, my mother rushes to the aid and brings my niece to me, my hair was freshly washed and on rollers so I couldn’t leave the house.

Niecey and I had about an hour to kill before the party. I showered and attempted to dry my hair more, but to no avail I had to go the day with a ponytail and bushy ends……not a good look.

We finally arrive at Crazy E Cheese and greeted with a very long line. Good thing we were attending a party. The place was a mad house, and I’ve vowed to never ever attend another party there. My niece didn’t want to leave, no surprise there. And I had a massive headache and was highly irritated by the time I got in the car.

From there I had to run back home to pick up a few items needed for the party at a girlfriends house. Then I needed to drop my niece off, hit the liquor store, and meet another girlfriend who was attending the party as well. My night ended around 11:30 when I finally made it home and Hubby walked in with a crabcake from Jasper’s, YUMMY!

Sunday I awoke to the worst headache, as if I’d been drinking. I still had a paper to turn in so the rest of the day was spent getting my paper ready. I finally submitted it at 11:47 after a few glitches…….

Woe’s me, cause now I’m at work and eagerly anticipating my supervisor’s early departure.

Hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday to ya!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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