That damn Marshall’s

I attempted to meet my brothers girlfriend last night o pass on his mail. Well the girlfriend was just about on her side of town, so we agreed to meet today. And instead of me going back in the house I headed to the beauty supply store. For what you might ask, especially since I have several bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the house already. Well I wanted to see if I could find this hot sauce for my hair. Yeah hot sauce, it’s a heat protectant for flat ironing your hair. At any rate I kinda sorta bypassed the beauty store because Marshall’s sign was shining so brightly. So I was lured in.

I wont say how long I was in the store, and you should be able to gage from that. At any rate, the shoe section was cool, nothing in my size. But I found the cutest blue Keds for my niece, and they were only $8.

I moved on the handbag section, and I saw a few bags…….but um, the colors were a little too not my speed; so I passed.

Next up was the kitchen section, not looking for anything in particular, especially since I’m on a spending hiatus (supposedly). Nothing jump out there either. I didn’t even find any cute picture frames, URGH!

So as they began making the announcements that the layaway department would be closing in 5 minutes and the store in 30 minutes (yeah I was in there that long, I did say I went to the shoe section and the handbag section didn’t I), I made my way to the front to pay for my nieces’ shoes.

But oh see, I saw these cute jeans…..and they had my size. Ok, not bad….shoes for niecey and jeans for me, total under $30. Cool, let me get up out of there right, naw the suits were calling me…..and of course I found a few in my size. So I got a new blue suit…….I’m so bad.

I get home and review my purchase and feeling guilty. And what do I discover, the shoes are the wrong size, the box says one size and the actual shoes are another size…….next I try on the jeans and well…..the button feels flimsy, almost as if it’s about to pop off and the jeans are too long.

So back they go……and now I’m sitting here debating on taking the suit back.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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