Half a work day in Waldorf, MD

So my supervisor came in and asked if I would be interested in doing inventory at the warehouse where our books are housed. I asked where and for how long and if I’d have to come back to work after completing the task. He said the task would only take a couple of hours, so I’d still have to come in the office for the rest of the day.

The advantage to this is I’ve shown initiative in grasping a better understanding over a portion of what I’m accounting for and I get sometime away from the office on their dime. But, and of course there’s always a but, I have to be there at 9 am.

I’m not sure if you are familiar with 495 (Maryland beltway) but rush hour is terrible. And Southbound can be the pits. I’d have to get on the beltway and drive roughly about 4 or 5 exits. And while that might not seem to be problematic, as I said rush hour is a mess. That drive on the beltway can take anywhere from 20 minutes on up to an hour depending on the crazies and/or what’s going on. And not only that after I take the exit off the beltway, I’d still have a ways to go………..ways as in maybe 35 minutes of additional driving. But at least the latter part will be against traffic.

At any rate this is where I am today……….

Hope you are having a splendid day.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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