Evening TV and pondering

Last night I was watching Private Practice as usual. And one of the story lines was this woman that had three school aged boys. The older son was autistic and the other two were fine. They had been in Switzerland for the past two years and recently came back. The middle son caught a “cold” says the mother while in the airport. Well upon examination it is determined that the boy has measles.

The doctor suggests vaccination for the youngest son who hasn’t had the vaccine. The older son got the vaccinated and the mother believes that’s what caused his autism. So she refuses to allow the youngest son to get the vaccine. The doctor informs her of the additional health problems that could occur if the child is does not receive the vaccine.
The son with the measles later died.

At any rate, it got me to thinking or pondering this question:

Would you prefer to die from medicine or lack of medicine?

Here’s a hypothetical scenario: doctors tell you, you’ve contracted some disease but they aren’t sure exactly how to treat it. They run thru the laundry list of solutions, but nothing points to an all out cure. One of those listed items might work, but then it might cause death. Would you prefer them to administer the medicine or would you hold out for a definitive cure?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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