I've got work to do

So it's Thursday.........cool weekend is right around the corner. Well just my luck that I've looked up and my month end work is due tomorrow. And guess how much of it I've done.......NADA. Yeah shame on me. I can't believe I've laxed this long, actually I can believe it. I' got caught up in my five week break. Remember this post where I state a list of items to handle during my five weeks, well I've done one thing from the list and that is watch the second season of Dexter. And actually I was done with that a few days after I composed the list. I've also started watching the second season of CSI, I'm on the third disk with 3 more to go, and I did start reading a book. I had to put it down (no further comment from me).

Well I'm off to get my work done. I'm shutting my office door and will crank my music up and get my tasks done.

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