Christmas shopping list

Every year I try to complete my Christmas shopping by the 15th of the month. And every year I come really close. Last year it was my oldest niece and my husband’s gifts that sent me back out. Well this year, I’ve budgeted and I’m attempting yet again to complete my shopping by the 15th.

Here’s the list of whom I am giving gifts this year:

· Hubby – not sure
· Mother – giftcard: Visa
· Stepfather - giftcard
· Niece 1 – clothes and one toy
· Niece 2 – clothes and one toy
· Godchild 1(birthday 12/26) – giftcards: Aeropostale, American Eagle and iTunes
· Godchild 2 (birthday 12/10) – giftcards: Claires and bookstore
· God child 1 sister (birthday 12/30) – giftcards: Justice, Claires
· Grandmother – giftcard: Visa

So far I’ve purchased two giftcards (for my oldest god child and her sister) and I put several clothing items on layaway for my nieces. My mother and grandmother will be easy; I’ll just grab a Visa gift card for them both. My stepfather and Hubby are my biggest challenges. Hubby has a habit of going through my bags, so I think I’ll hide his gifts at his parents house, that is if I can come up with some gift ideas for him.

How's your holiday shopping coming along?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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