Black Friday purchases……

Normally I don’t venture out on Black Friday. I think two years ago, my mother and I headed up to the outlets a few hours after Thanksgiving dinner to catch some sales. Then headed on up to Delaware land of no sales tax to hit up the mall for some deals…….

This year I wasn’t up for all of that……at any rate I finally rolled out the house about 5pm and headed to the mall to see what was left that I could scoop up. And boy oh boy did I get somethings………I came home with some bags and did my dance…..Hubby had a good laugh.

I picked up 4 sweaters and 2 turtlenecks from JC Penney for a grand total of $41…..thanks to a coupon I clip which gave me $10 off $50.

I also got a body butter from The Body Shop for $5. Now this was a real still, their body butters normally go for $20.

Old Navy was decent as well…..they had jeans for $15 and shirts for $5. I got 2 shirts and one pair of jeans, although the sales clerk talked me into going one size smaller on the jeans, only to get them home and I needed my actual size. So I’ll have to exchange or return them.

My last stop was Kmart…….they had shirts and turtlenecks for $4 so of course I grabbed a few……and then I put some shirts and sweats on layaway for my nieces…….

I just love finding deals.

Did you do any Black Friday Shopping?

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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