A weekend of procrastinating

The beginning of each and every school semester the professor posts the syllabus for each student enrolled to see and become familiar with. And as such I’ve learned to use that syllabus to mark my calendar and cell phones with due dates for assignments. Ii usually set a reminder two days before assignments are due to make sure I’m working on completing said assignment for timely submission. I found this works to may advantage in keeping track of what’s due.

Having said that, I had a mid term exam due yesterday. And guess when I started……..yep yesterday. I had the nerve to sleep until 11am and watch TV until 1pm and then start my midterm. The exam was open book and notes. But I could not discuss nor consult with other students on the exam. Oh and I couldn’t use the internet…….go figure. At any rate I was forced to review 6 weeks of notes in 8 hours time frame……I know shame on me. But I did my best; I actually answered all but one question. The exam was 2 essay questions worth 20 points each, 4 short answer questions worth 10 points each and lastly 5 multiple choices questions worth 4 points each. So we shall see how my last minute effort worked out for me.

Next up is a group project. Naw, it’s been about 3 or 4 weeks since the assignment was posted and no one in my group started any form of communication until last week. One person sent an e-mail and posted a question asking what case we were assigned to complete. So, with me being on point I quickly find the information and respond to the email and respond to the post. I took that as an opportunity to jump start the communication amongst the group, by suggesting a timeline for completing the assignment. That timeline listed a deadline for having read the material and answering the questions, submitting the answers, and editing for the final submission. Lastly I also suggested that each group member respond to all 9 questions and that all answers be combined for the final submission. Well of course there is always one……….this one suggested we divide the questions up and each person take 2 or 3 and then put those together for submitting……I have yet to respond, but my thinking is, we should all take a stab at all of the questions to ensure all points of view are taken into consideration. Sort of like a team of attorneys that consult each other on one case………

At any rate it's Monday....hope you are having a splendid day!

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Justice Jonesie said...

I think your idea to have everyone answer the questions and then get together to combine them is a great one. Tell your group the Justice's said so. :)