Jacked again: Morning mishap…..

As I was leaving the house this morning I peered out to see my car and guess what…………….wait for it………….I was towed again. Seems I like paying the tow man, because I totally forgot to put the window tag in my car last night when I parked on the lot.
My money is already funny…..and here I am shelling out an expense I could have prevented.

All I could do is laugh and shake my head. It took me about 35 minutes to find the number for the condo association for which I got no answer. And then another 25 minutes before I started looking for the information I noted the last time this happened.

And during this time, mister is calling his brother to come and get me, but his brother doesn’t answer. So I call my aunt, and guess what she doesn’t answer………how about that……we mainly know people that work regular hours 9-5 so there weren’t too many people we could call. Luckily for me, brother in law finally answered and took me to pay the jack man for my car.

And so two hours late I arrived at work smiling and giddy like I won something when in fact I’d lost $150………

Hope you are having a better day and don’t have to pay an unnecessary expense.

Peace, Blessings and Laughs

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Darius T. Williams said...

hey - what's up?

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See you Saturday.

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